Amsak Cranes provides fast and ergonomic load handling, helping to safeguard both products and workers. Our crane enhances assembly processes that require fast and smooth transfer movements with high precision. For aerospace manufacturers, installing our cranes has major benefits for both employees and the products they work on. Amsak cranes have been designed to decrease employee injuries while safeguarding expensive products during assembly. Customers get a structurally adaptable lifting system that can grow with their production.

We don’t just sell you some cranes and forget you. We want to enter a long-term partnership with you to guarantee safe and reliable cranes. Amsak Cranes has the skills and international resources to ensure overhauls and substitutions are done as fast as possible. Preventive maintenance ensures your cranes rarely need repairs. Our unique remote data monitoring service always knows the condition of your crane. Armed with this knowledge, our service personnel can make sure your cranes are quickly operational again and downtime is minimized.

We can provide a product and service package tailored specially for you, to ensure your complete satisfaction.