Amsak Overhead cranes designed for the automotive industry. Making vehicles requires a lot of people and equipment. You have to manage many synchronized processes to ensure your production line stays efficient. Automobiles need to be shipped on time to meet your demanding customer schedules, which means you cannot afford any downtime. You need fast, safe and reliable equipment, and Amsak Cranes provides automotive cranes and other lifting solutions that help you manage your industrial challenges. Whether you are moving steel coils, pressing engines or car body parts, constructing the engine, or putting together the whole car, we have the right equipment to fit the task. For example, our crane could supply coils for unreeling, and feed dies to the stamping line. You can use a chain hoist in your workshop or a jib crane at your sub-assembly workstations.

We don’t just sell you some automotive cranes and forget you. We want to enter a long-term partnership with you to guarantee safe and reliable cranes. Amsak Cranes has the skills and international resources to ensure overhauls and substitutions are done as fast as possible. Preventive maintenance ensures your cranes rarely need repairs. Our unique remote data monitoring service always knows the condition of your crane. Armed with this knowledge, our service personnel can make sure your cranes are quickly operational again and downtime is minimized.

Many of the major automobile manufacturers in India rely on Amsak Cranes. The Automobile Industry in India has perceived a lot of action over the past decade. Almost every major international brand of repute assembles manufacturers their automobiles in India. Numerous have also made India their export hub. Along with the large automotive names, a numerous number of suppliers to these brands have also set up shop in India. We have a significant presence in this market through crane solutions provided to a number of companies in the automotive segment.

Auto industries have to follow a specific standard and process during manufacturing; hence the cranes need to be very precisely designed and custom-made to cater to the individual requirements. You can be sure we understand the heavy loads, short cycles, and fast speed needed in this highly competitive industry. Our long experience with automotive customers gives us unique insider knowledge. We can provide a product and service package tailored specially for you, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Amsak Cranes offers unique solutions shaped from standard components precisely catering to the requirements of the automotive industry.

  • Easy lifting for every situation.
  • Safe and reliable production lines.
  • Your satisfaction is paramount.