Cranes exist in an enormous variety of forms – each tailored to a specific use. They are generally equipped with a hoist, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, which can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. The first ‘mechanical’ powered crane was provided by steam engines. The original steam engine crane, introduced in the 18th or 19th century, with many remaining in use well into the late 20th century. Modern cranes usually use internal combustion engines or electric motors and hydraulic systems to provide a much greater lifting capability than was previously possible, although manual cranes are still utilized where the provision of power would be inefficient. Cranes are commonly employed in industries such as, the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment, the transportation industry – for the loading and unloading of consignment and in the construction industry for the movement of resources.

Types of Cranes

Single EOT Cranes Chennai

Single Girder EOT Cranes

Single Girder Cranes are designed to cover a wide range of modern industrial demands, providing excellent value for money with no compromise on performance.

Double EOT cranes

Double Girder EOT Cranes

Double Girder Cranes give a better height of lift in given headroom as the hook travels between the beams.

Gantry Cranes chennai

Gantry / Goliath Cranes

Amsak Cranes Private Limited is an Indian leader in designing and manufacturer’s of Gantry Cranes. Amsak adapts their Gantry Cranes manufacturing process to the different customer´s requirements,

semi gantry goliath crane

Semi Goliath Cranes

A gantry crane with 1 end of the bridge rigidly supported on one or more movable legs, running on a fixed rail or runway, the other end of the bridge being supported by a truck running on an elevated rail or runway.

JIB cranes

Jib Cranes

Amsak Jib Cranes lift and transport materials in full circles (360 degrees) around their support structure. We offer two formats of Jib-Crane, the Pillar or Post-Mounted Jib and the Wall or Column Mounted.

wall travelling jib cranes

Wall Travelling Jib Cranes

Amsak Wall-Traveling Jib Cranes provide long lateral movement of materials without taking up floor space or interloping with large overhead cranes. Wall-traveling jibs escalates overall plant productivity by quickly handling smaller lifts.

underslug cranes

Underslung Cranes

Underslung-Cranes are the ideal solution when supporting steelwork beneath the crane is not an option. Amsak offers single span and multi-span options.

customized cranes

Custom Cranes

Many industries need specifically tailored cranes for their processes. Amsak custom cranes have lifting capacities up to several hundred tons and they can be optimized to the needs of your business throughout the crane lifecycle.

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