Custom cranes for every lifting purpose

Many industries need specifically tailored cranes for their processes. Amsak custom cranes have lifting capacities up to several hundred tons and they can be optimized to the needs of your business throughout the crane lifecycle.

Each tailored crane is customized case-by-case; to make sure it is the right lifting solution for that specific need.

  • Steel manufacturing requires protection from heat and dust.
  • Fuel and energy production often needs specific grabs.
  • The automotive industry uses special cranes for coil handling, stamping, and assembly.
  • Mining and primary metal processing often have special environments, with special requirements for cranes.

Many personalized cranes use our standard products but in unique ways, and we also design new elements as needed. We use proven technology solutions and fully tested parts for your custom crane to ensure safety and reliability.

There are some industrial processes that have such complex handling and safety requirements that it is necessary to design cranes independently for specific applications. Amsak offer a long experience in special and custom-built cranes in areas as diverse as handling the cores for a nuclear reactor, power station cranes, steelworks cranes, computer-controlled furnace charging and magnet cranes.

Where high proportions of handling or process incorporation are required focused Amsak control systems provide the ultimate solution such instances include,

  • Condition monitoring
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Load-sway prevention systems by PLC
  • Crane automation
  • Position encoding
  • Electrical braking

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