Amsak chain hoists are designed for flexibility and durability in industrial applications and demanding workstation use. With a load range from 60 kg to 5,000 kg, they are extremely versatile. The low speed allows precise handling, for example in assembly work, mounting, and lowering fragile loads. The fast speed helps to shorten production cycles and increase productivity. You can use the electric chain hoists at a workstation, on anoverhead travelling crane, or with a jib crane. Amsak electric chain hoists are ideal solutions for all these applications.

A one-ton chain hoist can do the work of several labors in fraction of seconds with electric. With the innovation in machinery, there are several devices manufactured to upsurge different industrial productions across the world. Speaking about innovation, electric chain hoist justifies special mention. Hoists are used for numerous commitments, from heavy lifting to moving any equipment from one place to another. Whenever you need to relocate heavy loads or need to lift them onto a pallet, the chain hoist trolley can be of abundant service. For any industrial needs, devising a chain hoist is undoubtedly required. Within least possible time, your works will be through and you need not even have to hire to the increasing number of workforces. Beside with the chain hoist, you need to hire a monitor and an operator for which you can take your business to the next level within less span of time.


Acquiring an electric chain hoist from manufacturers in India is definitely one time investment, as once you invest in it your productivity will escalate eventually with much cost effective. There are numerous chain hoist manufacturers in India, from where you can get your chain hoists to benefit your work. An electric chain hoist can be managed and operated by only one operator. Conversely, it is always advantageous if there is an additional monitor to guide the operations of the machine. Before the accessibility of these chain hoists, the entire maneuver that the chain hoist performs, had to be done physically. Doing the work of the chain hoist physically means, to support the industrial processes the industry titleholders needed to employ men and women and for the rising number of manpower means more outflow. Keeping the importance of the industrial needs in observance, the electric chain hoist manufacturers in India has come along to encourage the industry titleholders. When you invest in acquiring the electric chain hoist you need few workforces and your work will also get done within less span of time without much risk of grievances.

You can purchase the chain hoist completely based on your needs and requirements. You can buy the chain hoist completely based on your requirements and needs. The chain vessel and the safety hooks are mutual to almost every model of the chain hoists. Each of the hoists will give a certain estimated lift weight, speed and cord length. However, here it is very significant to mention that the weight, speed and the cord length depend completely on the kind of hoist you are buying.

While buying the electric chain hoists from a manufacturer in India, keep in mind that the machine should be able to meet few criteria- quality, stability, viability as well as easily maintainable. However, at Amsak Cranes Pvt. Ltd., you can get your system completely customized as per your requirements.