We provide equipment, engineered solutions, and service for the following industries

Steel Industry Cranes

Steel Mills & Steel Service Centers

Amsak Cranes manages steel industry challenges. When it comes to steel, technology provides an advantage.

Manufacturing Industry Cranes


Amsak Cranes manages general manufacturing industry challenges Industries require a lot of lifting and moving of heavy loads.

Paper Mills Cranes

Pulp & Paper Mills

Amsak Cranes manages pulp and paper industry challenges. Making paper is an extended and complicated process.

Mining Industry Cranes


Amsak Cranes manages mining industry challenges, whether underground or open cut, mining always takes place in a hazardous environment.

Construction Cranes chennai


Amsak Gantry cranes and its versions can meet these tasks with utmost effectiveness and trustworthiness.

Oil & Gas Industry cranes

Gas Production

Amsak, in association with STAHL Crane Systems offers Explosion Protected Hoists and Cranes with capacities up to 100MT.

Automotive Industry Cranes


Amsak Overhead cranes designed for the automotive industry. Making vehicles requires a lot of people and equipment.

Ship buildlings

Shipyards & Ship Building

Amsak Cranes manufactures shipyard cranes and other shipyard lifting equipment for every stage of the shipbuilding process.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Amsak Cranes in power industry provides lifting solutions for all types of power plants.

Aerospace Industry Cranes


Amsak Cranes provides fast and ergonomic load handling, helping to safeguard both products and workers.

Lumber Industry Cranes


Amsak Cranes are ideal for environments of high intensity, high flexibility, and heavy loads.