Electric Wire Rope Hoists

If you are into manufacturing business it is ideal to invest in a wire rope hoist. Wire Rope Hoist can be defined as heavyweight electrically power-driven devices that are designed to lift and shuffle heavy resources effortlessly. Construction companies and Large Scale manufacturing industries naturally use hoists with wire rope. Where there is a requirement […]

Double Girder Amsak Hoists

Double Girder Hoists from Amsak Cranes can be fitted on all EOT, Gantry or Under Slung cranes providing innovative engineering solutions for clienteles. Our Double Girder Hoists integrates helical gear motor for hoist along with DC-EM brake. For special applications like hot metal handling and also where higher height of lift and cross travelling speeds […]

Single Girder Amsak Hoists

Single Girder Hoists are manufactured at Amsak’s modern-day manufacturing facility and offer clienteles the finest in technology. Amsak Cranes offers electrically operated Single Girder wire rope hoists. Amsak Cranes offer Single Girder Hoists with capacity range from 500 Kg to 30 Tons. These Hoists can be offered in single speed / dual speed design. Low Head […]

Jib Cranes

Amsak Cranes Private Limited manufactures and sells the highest quality Jib cranes of all types. Some of our most popular equipment is cataloged below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call us; we are jib crane specialists and will definitely be able to help. Amsak Jib Cranes lift and transport […]

Gantry Cranes

Amsak Cranes Private Limited is an Indian leader in designing and manufacturer’s of Gantry Cranes. Amsak adapts their Gantry Cranes manufacturing process to the different customer´s requirements, taking care of which kind of work it is going to performance. Unlike EOT cranes, Gantry cranes have legs and move on runways, which are usually on floor […]

Double Girder EOT Cranes

Double Girder Cranes give a better height of lift in given headroom as the hook travels between the beams. Generally this type of crane utilizes a top running trolley hoist which moves along the top of the two bridge beams on its own set of trucks/trolley wheels. The hook from the hoist “falls” between the […]

Single Girder EOT Cranes

Single Girder Cranes are designed to cover a wide range of modern industrial demands, providing excellent value for money with no compromise on performance. Amsak’s single girder crane has reduced wheel loads, saving costs on new support structures and increased lifting capacities on existing structures. Amsak cranes offer various crane beams to end carriage constructions […]

Electric Chain Hoists

Amsak chain hoists are designed for flexibility and durability in industrial applications and demanding workstation use. With a load range from 60 kg to 5,000 kg, they are extremely versatile. The low speed allows precise handling, for example in assembly work, mounting, and lowering fragile loads. The fast speed helps to shorten production cycles and […]