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Amsak Cranes Private Limited manufactures and sells the highest quality Jib cranes of all types. Some of our most popular equipment is cataloged below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call us; we are jib crane specialists and will definitely be able to help.

Amsak Jib Cranes lift and transport materials in full circles (360 degrees) around their support structure. We offer two formats of Jib-Crane, the Pillar or Post-Mounted Jib and the Wall or Column Mounted. Each of these may be equipped with chain hoists or wire rope hoists with the additional options of electric travel and electric slewing gear. The jib arm may be under or over braced to maximize height of lift/travel.

Post-mounted Jibs can be constructed to provide a slewing angle of 360°. Fixed Jibs and Monorail solutions may be appropriate for other applications. These Jib Cranes can also be used to “hand off” materials to adjacent workstations. Hoists, manipulators, or balancers can be installed on the Jib’s booms.

Our Jib Cranes have booms with two sets of axes so they can reach obstacles, such as columns. All of our Jibs quickly fold out of the way of large overhead cranes.