Single Girder EOT Cranes are designed to cover a wide range of modern industrial demands, providing excellent value for money with no compromise on performance. Amsak’s single girder crane has reduced wheel loads, saving costs on new support structures and increased lifting capacities on existing structures.

Amsak cranes offer various crane beams to end carriage constructions to ensure optimum use of headroom available. Hoists are offered as standard in low headroom format running on the bottom flange of the beam.

The mechanisms used in our industrial cranes are indivisible part of them, covering the range of Chain hoists from 250 Kg to wire rope hoists of 30 Tons.

They are of very robust construction with a high level of standardization, making them very modular and adaptable to any need; high reliability components are available for a wide range of applications.

Industrial Applications:
  • Mechanical Industries for steel stock holding.
  • For lifting structure steels in construction sites.
  • Used in glass handling.
  • Manufacturing units such as paint shops, Machine shops, and other single plate lifting.
  • Railway workshops.
  • Boat manufacturing industries.
  • Container Lifting.

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