Single Girder Hoists are manufactured at Amsak’s modern-day manufacturing facility and offer clienteles the finest in technology. Amsak Cranes offers electrically operated Single Girder wire rope hoists.

Amsak Cranes offer Single Girder Hoists with capacity range from 500 Kg to 30 Tons. These Hoists can be offered in single speed / dual speed design. Low Head Room type (LHR) hoists can be offered to meet specific customer’s requirement where space is a constraint. The hoist motor is with IP 54 / 55 enclosures and the hoist gearboxes are 3-stage helical gearbox. The hoists come fitted with shielding rope guide along with DC Electro Magnet Disc brakes integrated as standard design. Limit switches and other electrical means is offered for overload protection.

Radio Remote Control or pendant pushbuttons are used to operate the Hoist. A highly effective helical gear motor is fitted with a DC disk brakes are offered as stock for cross travel.

For hoist and cross travel a Frequency invertor is offered commonly. The cross travel trolleys are intended to accommodate available sizes of monorails or standard I beams. These hoists are also suitable for fitting on under-slung cranes. All electrical modules are of reputed brand and are easily available for substitute. The key operating voltages are 3 Phase, 415 Volts and 50 HZ.

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